Why should you delegate to FortuneADA?

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24/7 Uptime

Our pool uses AWS cloud technology, this allows us to guarantee stability and security 24/7. Our server is equipped with best settings available guaranteeing its scalability and reduced latency.

Maximum Security

Safety is a crucial aspect for us and for this reason we have invested in the best solutions in this regard. In addition to multiple authentication factors, we want to remind you that your ADA do not leave your wallet while in staking.

WHAT WE OFFER our delegators

Delegate your ADA using either a Yoroi or Daedalus wallet – ADA delegation tutorials can be found on YouTube.

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Our Team

A Financial Analyst, Quant, and an Entrepreneur



Lead Analyst



Lead Developer



Lead Strategist

Filippo, graduated in Finance, is working as an analyst for an important private banking company; he approached the crypto world in 2017 attracted by the disruptive potential that this world can have in the financial ecosystem. Andrea, graduated in computer engineering, has been involved in Machine Learning and cloud platform development for years. Roberto, a young entrepreneur in the wine sector, has built his company giving great prominence to communication through digital channels. He has always been a great enthusiast and investor in the Crypto world. United by friendship and passion for the Cardano project, we will use our personal knowledge to manage this pool in the best way, guaranteeing all our delegators a quality that is difficult to find elsewhere.

Contact Us

Instagram is what we use to update our delegators. If you have any questions regarding the pool, feel free to write us. Follow us by clicking the Instagram icon below!